Gutter Cleaning Wakefield

Gutter Cleaning Wakefield

At Thompson gutter cleaning Wakefield we can offer you gutter cleaning wakefield and surrounding areas of west yorskhire. We clean  gutters, fascias and sofits and bargeboards to to keep them as good as new. We price by the metre and use our water fed pole method to clean. Please see our prices page for further details.

We clean Fascia Boards etc with Low Pressure, Purified, deionised Water

Thompson gutter cleaning wakefield uses the gentle, effective “Water Fed Pole” method of cleaning your fascia, soffit, barge board and gutters. It is a superior method for cleaning your uPVC Fascia & Soffit in our opinion. It does no harm to your PVC, is not destructive and does not spray a lot of water into your roof space area like other methods can.

Why I Don’t Use A Power Washer

We generally don’t like a power washer to be used at gutter cleaning wakefield to clean fascia and soffit, for a number of reasons:

xred The purified, deionised water that I use, will clean better than the tap water that power washers use.
xred Power washers have a tendency to force water up in through the vents and into your roof space area. This is an unheated area, and because of this, mould could easily start growing in your roof space from the damp caused by a power washer.
xred Power washers can damage loose, old or ill-fitting PVC panels with their high pressure.
xred If a power washer goes onto your ‘painted’ house wall, it can flake off the paint with the water pressure. Most people who have used power washers themselves, will know this from experience.
xred If you have a pale coloured house wall, it can get pretty mucky from a power washer spraying all the dirt from the Fascia boards etc over your nice clean exterior wall.


How Often To Clean Fascia, Soffit & Gutters?

Thompson gutter cleaning wakefield recommends these be cleaned every so often as a rule, though it depends on the area you live in, and the placement of the boards. Many people get then cleaned once a year, others get them cleaned as frequently, as they get their windows cleaned. Both is fine here at Thompson gutter cleaning Leeds.

Fascia, Soffit, Barge Board, Gutters & Downpipe Explination

Fascia, Soffit, Barge board, Gutters & Downpipes examples

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Fascia Boards etc

It depends on the size of your property and how much you need cleaned. Thompson gutter cleaning wakefield will call round to your home, and give you a quote once I see the house. Though below of examples of how I calculate the pricing.

Our prices are actually very competitive. It takes time, specialised equipment and a lot of purified, deionised water to do the job properly. I do not use your electricity or water, so you do not have to be at home when I am cleaning your Fascia etc.

Gutter cleaning leeds – For An Average House And NORMAL Level of Cleaning Required
(e.g. Semi or Terrace etc.)


arrowblue2 Fascia & Soffit Cleaning (per side e.g a front, back or side) – £12.50 each side
arrowblue2 Add Barge Board Cleaning (per gable end) – £5.00
arrowblue2 Gutters & Downpipe Cleaning (per side e.g a front, back or side) – £7.50
(External Gutter cleaning, not gutter ‘clearing’, which is another service I offer)


– Semi Detached House Price Example-

Cleaning the Soffit & Fascia & Barge Board(There is Fascia, Soffit, Gutters and Down Pipes on the front and back of the house and Barge board on the one gable end) so…
Fascia & Soffit Cleaning price calculations for semi detached house. Total = £30

 (This is an example of Fascia, Soffit & Barge board cleaning. If you need the gutter and downpipes externally cleaned as well, then add £7.50 per side)

 Thompson Gutter Cleaning Leeds. Gutter Cleaning Wakefield.

We cover the entire leeds and wakefield postcodes

Outwood, stanley, Rothwell, Methley, Kippax, Swillington, Garforth, Colton, Tingley, East Ardsley, Robin Hood, Middleton, Horbury, Ossett, Lupset, Eastmoor, Thornes, Sandal, Newmillerdam, Walton, Crigglestone, Durkar, Alverthorpe, Wrenthorpe. Aberford, Adel, Allerton Bywater, Alwoodley, Armley, Arthington, Bardsey, Barwick, Beckett Park, Beeston, Boston Spa, Bramhope, Bramley, Burley, Calverley, Chapel Allerton, Churwell, Collingham, Colton, Cookridge, Cross Gates, Dringlington, East Keswick, Farnely, Garforth, Gildersome, Guisley, Harewood, Headingley, Horsforth, Kippax, Kirkstall, Lawnswood, Linton, Methley, Moortown, Morley, Oakwood, Otley, Oulton, Pool, Pudsey, Pool, Rodley, Rothwell, Roundhay, Scarcroft, Scholes, Shadwell, Stannigley, Thorner, Tingley, Tinshill, Weetwood, West Park, Wetherby, Wike, Woodlesford, Yeadon

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