Window Cleaning Wakefield

Window Cleaning Wakefield

Are you looking for window cleaning Wakefield with excellent results for your home or business in the Wakefield area? We operate using the water fed pole method of window cleaning, meaning an excellent finish without having somebody up a ladder outside your house looking in through all of your windows!

Here at Thompson window cleaning Leeds we have the following benefits:

  • We offer 4 or 8 weekly cleans for window cleaning wakefield
  • We clean the frames as well as the glass – everytime
  • We can reach areas with the pole that is not possible with ladders
  • No ladder damage to your home
  • Crystal clear finish everytime

So what is a water-fed pole system?

A water-fed pole system (AKA ‘Reach-n-Wash’) comprises of a tank of purified water mounted in the back of a van, a hose, and an extendable pole with a specialized brush on the end. There are other components but these are the main parts for window cleaning wakefield. Purified water is pumped from the tank, through the hose and up the inside of the pole before jetting out of the brush-head. As the brush-head, with water spraying out, is moved across the window it removes
the dirt and washes it away. After the whole window has been brushed the pole is lifted away from the surface of the glass, and more water is sprayed onto the window to give it a final rinse. The window is left to dry naturally, and because the water is totally pure there are no mineral deposits or other residues left over.

Advantages of the water fed pole

  • It’s safer for the cleaner as he can clean upstairs windows from ground level.
  • It‘s less likely to damage your property as there are no heavy, cumbersome ladders that could fall over, or be dropped whilst being moved from window to window.
  • Water-fed pole systems are much better at cleaning window frames than cloths, so this extra service can be provided for less cost.
  • It’s quicker than the traditional method.
  • It does not compromise privacy as upstairs windows are cleaned from ground level.
  • It is not necessary to dry windows, so there is no risk of cloth-smears being left on the glass.
  • It’s environmentally friendly as no detergent or other chemicals are used.
  • Unlike ladders, poles do not need to be used on even ground, meaning windows that are inaccessible to a ladder can usually be reached with a pole. Long poles can also safely reach windows that are up to 70 feet high, much higher than can be reached with a ladder.

Window cleaning Wakefield – How We Operate

First Cleans

The first time we clean your windows they will likely be in a far dirtier condition than when we maintain them regularly, we usually ask for a small extra fee to compensate for this on the first clean only.


At thompson window cleaning wakefield all our customers will be offered a 4 or 8 weekly cleaning cycle, we recommend for most people to use our 8 weekly service. We find that after the first clean 8 weeks is sufficent to keep your windows and frames in top condition, this has the benefits of reduced coast for the customer. If however your windows get particularly dirty, you live on a main road for example or for any other reason you are welcome to use our 4 weekly service.

Carrying out the work and payments

We take mobile contact numbers from our customers where possible and text you the day before a clean is due, this is so we can make arrangements if there are access issues or any other problems, we will then come around as planned and clean your windows the next day. If you are in we can take payment by cash or cheque, if you are not in we prefer our customers to pay online via Paypal or Bank Transfer. We only try to re-collect in person as a last resort.

For all your window cleaning Leeds or window cleaning Wakefield please do hesitate to give us a call.

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We cover the entire leeds and wakefield postcodes

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